Game cartridge with a Peter Hatter image on the cover I've been a commercial and editorial freelance photographer for over 15 years. I specialise in sports and action and also shoot people, places and products too.

My sports photography has featured in national newspapers, various sports magazines, football programmes and even on the front of a very popular computer games cartridge pack.

Examples of my commissions include providing photography for UEFA, the administrative body for association football in Europe, England Hockey, who oversee the game in the UK, the world renowned Empics sports photo agency covering football, athletics and motorcycle racing, photography for road test features in Ride magazine, a UK based motorcycle magazine, providing the images for an article about an athlete for a triathlon magazine, shooting articulated lorries for the marketing department of a haulage company, product shots for a pet products company, lifestyle imagery for a leisure centre management company, portraits of senior staff and governors for a school website and images of a furniture maker for an article in a home lifestyle magazine. triathlete image for biography page.

As you can see I have a wide range of skills, therefore I'm very confident I can offer a standard of service you expect from an experienced commercial photographer.

My images have demonstrated bright saturated colour, blur, captured high speed action and dramatic angles and as a result my work has appeared many times in UK photographic magazines.

A speciality is the use of remote cameras to capture dynamic images such as a hang glider in flight over the Derbyshire Peak District. To see this image click here

My stock images are regularly sold through AgeFotostock based in Spain.

My personal work has been exhibited in a number of galleries including Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Rufford Gallery and Derby Museum & Art Gallery and at Derby Royal Hospital as part of an exhibition for their Arts To Aid Wellbeing programme.

A high-profile project was a commission from East Staffordshire Borough Council to provide the imagery for their Olympic torch relay celebrations. This involved photographing a number of sports, dance and community events around the region, culminating in an exhibition in the Brewhouse Arts Centre in Burton-Upon-Trent. The exhibition is now open and features 29 of my images. A project I am very proud of. For more information about the project and the torch celebration.

Please note that imagery from some of my commissions doesn't feature on this site and which demonstrates a broader range of abilities. If you feel that you are looking for specific experience that you can't see here immediately, please get in touch and I may be able to expand on what you see here to meet your requirements.

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