British Superbikes, Donington Park, September 2016

If I'm ever asked which is my favourite sport to photograph, there's only one answer to that really. I'm a long-time fan of anything two-wheeled and love to point my cameras at motorcycle racing. I was at the British Superbikes Showdown event and Donington Park so felt like a pig in poo shooting the bikes flying around the circuit. I've picked out a few of the significant riders from the day and a couple of nice sports photographs that made the day interesting. The weather was changeable to say the least, from heavy rain to glorious sunshine and this is reflected in the quality of the light in the images. It was the middle of September so it's to be expected. Even though I thoroughly enjoy the sport, taking the same image for different riders can get a little tiring so I like to mix it up with a search to find different angles.

Luke Mossey
luke mossey british superbikes

Superstock 600's
British superstock 600 racing

Dickie's British Supersport
Dickie's British Supersport

Shane Byrne
Shane Byrne, British Superbikes

A British Superbikes rider passes behind trees.
Motorcycle racer panned behind trees.

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